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Two charities, same goal…

Make a Smile is working in partnership with Forward Facing to help support our Memory Making Day 2021 and other future events that we will be holding. Both charities focus and priorities are the same; our children and families.

Many children across the UK are affected by hardships such as illness, deprivation and disability. This often forces them to mature faster than unaffected children, thus missing out on a crucial period of development. By missing out on this period they are at a greatly increased risk of developing mental health conditions and often live a lower standard of life. As such, Make a Smile believes that all children are entitled to enjoy their childhood.

They do this by visiting children affected by these hardships while dressed as their beloved characters. They seek to help them to briefly forget about their hardship and spend some time enjoying their childhood and having exposure to characters that they’d be unable to meet at places such as Disney World. Make a Smile are currently holding virtual events and have a live storytime with one of our characters every night. they work with local charities, SEND schools and hospitals to bring as much magic as we can to any children that need it. They aim to be as flexible as possible in providing a service that works for you and your child, whether this is larger events or individual visits, in a range of different settings. To find out more visit their website, instagram and facebook page.

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