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Izzy our hero!

Meet Izzy! Izzy is a very special person to Forward Facing for so many reasons and here is one.

Izzy completed a sponsored abseil in pre-Covid times and raised an incredible £1,750! the original cause was to try and raise funds for a wheelchair swing to be installed at Finches; a respite facility based in Burgess Hill.

Finches ended up moving over to the Chailey Heritage Clinical Services site where they already have wheelchair accessible play equipment. With this in mind, alongside the decision for Izzy to no longer access Finches, Izzy and her family spoke with the manager and made a decision to donate the money to Forward Facing!

Izzy and her family wanted to make sure that her abseiling achievement went to good use and help as many local families as possible.

From everyone at Forward Facing, we would like to say Thank you Izzy! You are our hero x

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