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Aviva Community Funding

Forward Facing Packages of Support

As part of the Aviva Community Fund, we are asking for pledges to help support us.

Since 2009, Aviva have given hundreds of organisations across ten countries the chance to win funding to make a difference in their local communities. Our pledge is now live…

Please help us spread the word and give as much as you can! All pledges end on 7th October 2020. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE PLEDGE

Normally, Forward Facing run special events for families with ill or disabled children, where families can have fun but also meet up with others in similar situations.

However, with coronavirus and the lockdown many of these families found themselves needing to shield, often without the support they usually receive day to day, and the last thing any of us can do is get together.

Whilst prioritising social distancing to keep everyone safe, we want to show our families we are still here for them. We have been gathering together what we can from donations and put together some care parcels for our families. We have been delivering them to doorsteps with a volunteer hula hoop entertainer to add a bit of fun and sparkle and the feedback has been fantastic.

That is why we are asking for your support. We want to develop and grow our parcels of support, we want to show these families that whilst we can’t hold our social get togethers, we are still here. So, whether a takeaway and flowers for a date night for exhausted parents, a hamper full of groceries, or sensory toys for children unable to go school or their usual support, we want to provide care parcels of help and support for families effected more than most from this pandemic. 

Even as lockdown has eased for many, these families will continue to need to be cautious. Please help us show them that we are still here and even though we can’t give them the special days we normally do, we can still provide them with some fun, some help and some treats. 

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