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Because it matters…

The amazing and wonderful Finer Details Direct Ltd supported the families of Forward Facing by cleaning their cars! As simple as it seems, finding the time and energy to clean your car when you are caring for little ones is harder than you think.

Mark and his team at Finer Details Direct Ltd are an automotive cleaning company based in Brighton and Hove. The business initially started in lockdown to earn some extra cash.

During Mark’s first year whilst canvasing and knocking on doors, he came across a family where a Mum was a single full time carer for her son. Her son was autistic with mobility challenges as well as being unable to speak. Mum was in desperate need of some car TLC; it was in a very bad state! But unfortunately she never had the time or the funds to get it sorted professionally.

Mark lost sleep over leaving the Mum in a situation where she couldn’t sort her car. He knew he had skills that could help her situation and he always tells his children “you can be what you want as long as the skill you learn you use to help and support others.”

This thought lead to Mark arranging an event where a selected number of full time carers for families who look after terminally ill and disabled children or elderly family members get their cars cleaned. To support the event, Mark arranged for other local detailers to gather their resources and help give back to the community by joining him on the day offering a FREE service cleaning vehicles.

Families like ours at Forward Facing rely their vehicles for hospital visits, therapy appointments or just to get out of the house.

Thank you Mark and Finer Details Direct Ltd

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